Trial Exercise for 2018 Secondary 3 Subject Options

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Dear Gabrielites,

Congratulations for completing your SA1. As you review your SA1 results, please take this opportunity to reflect if you have performed up to expectation and if your results will enable you to qualify for your desired subject combinations in 2018.

This is a Subject Option (Trial) Exercise. Make full use of this opportunity to familiarise yourself with the subject combinations available for 2018 as well as the subject option website. This trial exercise will commence on 26 May, 10am and will close on 31 May, 10pm. You will receive the results of this trial exercise in the beginning of Term 3.

Gabrielites are advised to choose their subject combinations based on their interest, ability and aptitude. Placement is dependent on academic merit and availability of places in the option. This exercise will give you a very good idea how you fared this semester and what you need to do in Semester 2 to qualify for your desired combination. Labor Omnia Vincit!

Every Gabrielite can choose 3 courses. First choice is your TOP choice! 


Registration Period 26 May 2017 10:00pm to 31 May 2017 10:00pm

Student may download the Online Userguide (See Attachment) for reference.